DEGROID is a hardcore indie platformer in which you play as a little man, who tries to escape from an underground laboratory.


The game tells the story of a little man named Degroid, who was caught by Mad Doctor. He had gone crazy during his experiments with teleportation.

A player will have to pass the obstacle course to get to the perpetrator of his imprisonment and get out of this endless madness. On the way there will be loads of circular saws, thorns, aggressive slugs, lasers and other lethal obstacles.

Because of teleports, carrying the Degroid`s body between levels, a player acquires immortality, resurrecting after every defeat.

Will he become mad too after countless deaths?

Developer / Studio:

SnagBox Games

Release date:

22 May, 2023



Nice storyline for relaxing

Interesting levels

60 interesting levels in the main game

Secret Levels

8 additional levels for those who like difficulty!


Collectible items on levels


Colorful pixel graphics